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The Sexiest Part of the Female Body Highlighted in Cum

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Anonymous asked: Can you repost your main profile pic? I have been looking for that one but can't find it again. Thanks

Sure, I’ll reblog it in just a minute.

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Anonymous asked: Is there a way to move ahead to the page you were up to, instead of beginning on Page 3 every time?

I’m really not sure what you mean.  Come off anon and we can figure this out somewhere other than on my blog’s wall.

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Raven’s birthday morning covering.

He had me give myself his birthday spankings and I found out it’s sort of difficult to spank yourself with a belt. Good thing I’m determined ;)

And I just wanted to say hello and welcome to all the new followers. And the old ones. Hello and welcome to all!


You guys are amazing.  That is all.

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